Brahm Group believes that the performance of the Iron & Steel industry is a key indicator to the economy of a country.

We produce TMT bars with stringent checks and quality parameters under the brand name 'Brahm TMT'. Today, it is recognized as a prime steel manufacturing company in the secondary sector.

Brahm TMT is a new generation high strength ribbed reinforcement bar, which is produced using the most advanced technology in a partially computerized steel plant. The process imparts high strength to the bars using the latest technique of thermo-mechanical treatment (TMT) as against cold twisting. Steel billets are heated in a reheating furnace and rolled through a sequence of rolling stands, which progressively reduces the size of the billet to the final size and shape of the reinforcement bars. The plant is strategically located at Bamunara Industrial Area and our quality control system is strictly in accordance with ISO 9001 guidelines.

Operating Company - Brahm Alloys Ltd.


M S Casted Ingots - 51,000 TPA

TMT Bars - 120,000 TPA

Pig Iron - 24,000 TPA